Hilton Mexico City Reforma

Mexico’s deregulation of its oil and gas sector has opened many new opportunities for business, and with the approval of the Keystone pipeline project in the US, there is much anticipated growth for trade and development in the midstream sector across the Americas. Energy ministers and secretaries from Canada, Mexico and the United States are launching a framework for sharing energy information through the North American Cooperation on Energy Information (NACEI) to help improve import and export data, as well as exchange views and projections on cross-border energy flows.

With this in mind, dmg events has launched the Midstream Missions to reinforce collaboration between Canada, Mexico and the United States. The trade mission will begin in Houston and make way to Mexico City to foster the exchange of information in regards to technological advancements, pipeline development, project management and environmental and regulatory aspects of the midstream sector.

This week-long trade mission will gather 25-30 Canadian companies representing the entire midstream supply chain from Alberta Canada, and take them on a journey through the US and Mexico to help promote alliances, trade, and new business between the three countries.